24 Hours Billing And CollectionServices

You are busy scheduling appointments, meeting patients and providing medical care. But are you getting paid for it? With drastic payment cuts it is important that you don’t miss out on a single dollar. MBSC can help you achieve that!

Our round the clock billing support can ease the financial pressure on you, and ensure you earn even when you are not in office. Our complete hipaa compliancy and EHR friendly workflow, have helped 600 medical practitioners like you, earn more and finally have time for that weekend getaway.

Except, physicians, nobody waits months on end to get paid for the services they render. So why should you?

Five advantages of working with someone who works while you sleep!

  • We assign codes, enter charges, scrub your claims, and transmit them in half a day!
  • You know the status of your claims within 7 days
  • We coordinate and work according to your convenience, as there are no fixed working hours.
  • As we are always on our toes we make sure that the window doesn’t close on any of your claims.
  • Start working on denied claims within hours of receiving the EOB from the insurer
  • Our ar calling team works all day, so we follow up constantly with the insurer till you get paid
  • Keeping track of your financial metrics is easier as you always have constantly updated billing information at hand
  • There are seven separate teams working on different shifts to ensure everything is on even keel.
  • You get to work with a friendly team who sound drowsy at four in the morning
  •  And finally, faster is better! Get the benefits of a faster payment cycle.

Save on those hours your staff spend each day filling out fields in your practice management system. We enter data directly into your EMR, EHR or PNm system so you can unshackle your practice from copy, pasting tasks. We can scale down your operational costs by over 40%.

Now that is a whole lot of time and money saved! Call us at 1 888 571 9069 for other happy surprises