About MBSC

MBSC doesn’t claim to be the best thing to have happened in the healthcare industry. But we work hard and put in all the effort we can, to make a difference to your collections. For ten years we’ve delivered solutions that are turnkey, comprehensive and always a step ahead.

  • A third party biller offers straight out of the can solutions
  • Can be expensive
  • And difficult to keep tabs on

The next few lines you read, will change your perspective.

expert medical billing teamWe started out in 2003, and focused all our energies and waking hour on building a firm that offered more than just billing services. We now have seven teams working on different shifts, to offer round the clock support. But back then we stayed back in office to ensure all was on even keel.

Over 600 clients now bank on us for billing and documentation support. And going by how happy our clients are, our efforts have certainly paid off.

We are obsessed with the bigger picture. It doesn’t begin and end with you getting paid. Where do your practice? What were your last year’s collections? Is there a pattern to your denied claims? All of this and a lot more matters to us. Because our services are state specific, customized and result oriented.

emr integration and support services from MBSCWell, that’s another reason to love us. We can interface with your emr, ehr or billing software. Every feature, every workaround it offers, will be used to give you the best possible results.  Stop cutting and pasting stuff and focus on what’s important, your patients.

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