Allscripts EHR Billing Services

Let’s script a better future for your practice!

What is the difference between MBSC and your regular billing provider? To begin with, we are the Allscripts EHR billing experts. We don’t smoke you into believing that we are the best thing to have happened to your practice. But instead bring results to the table.

MBSC is the life support of several medical practices struggling under financial and compliance bottlenecks. The next few lines you read will explain to you why working with us today will ensure your practice a better tomorrow.

Or, fight over parking space. And these are the only differences between your in-house employees and us. We become a part of your workflow, share your dream of a secure financial future for your practice, and know your Allscripts EHR backwards and forwards. And yes we are very much a part of your medical practice the minute we come on board.

Free PMS integration and EHR support!

Who likes being tied down by technical issues?! MBSC understands the predicament of physicians and offers free 24/7 EHR support and PMS integration services. Select a practice management system or billing software and integrate it with your EHR free of cost and headaches.

Will my data be safe?

We understand that this is the first question that is going to be on your mind the minute you plan to outsource your billing tasks. MBSC is completely HIPAA Compliant. We comply with the revised guidelines of HIPAA for business associates.

Our data security manager will be happy to answer your queries anytime you call our data security help desk.

If you are an Allscripts user call 1 888 571 9069 to drive up your revenue!