AR Calling Teams

You have a huge list of pending ar that grows by the day. Have heavy bills to pay at the end of the month.  You get back home after everybody’s had, dinner. But your ar callers cannot stay back a minute after 7. Frustrated?

ar calling team

To, do the tough job of collecting your pending accounts receivables, and calling up unyielding insurers. If, yes then you’d find working with us just the lucky break, you were looking for. MBSC understands that not all practices and insurers work the same way. And that is why our ar calling process is as unique as the challenges you face.

Line in the sand approaches, are so yesterday. Work with the billing company of the future!

Here is why our team works better than your average ar caller!

Denial management team All our ar callers are hipaa and fdcpa trained. They have several years of experience dealing with hard- nosed insurers. And they don’t just pick up the call and make calls. There is a lot that goes on before we place that call! Our ar calling team coordinates closely with our claim analysts to know the reason of the denied claim and payer. We have over 200 ar calling professionals on board.

They work according to work queues, allotted based on their expertise in handling claims that have a similar rejection pattern. We work with an extensive payer network and share a friendly rapport with insurers. This helps our team to resolve issues amicably.

Sifting through piles of data is not the best way to work. MBSC has developed and implemented several analytical applications that has greatly automated, streamlined and quickened the calling process. We have tools and applications that can automatically study and categorize denied claims, giving our callers a clear cut database to work with.

Our Call Reminder application sends out push alerts to our callers to remind them of calls that need to be placed, on that particular day. This helps us to save time wasted on fumbling with information and help your checks to reach you faster!