Account Receivable Followup

If you don’t have a smart team to work for you probably thousands every year! The healthcare climate is tough and denied claims can prove to be fatal for your practice. According to a stat released by CMS, around 60% of denied claims are never followed up on. This means you are leaving money on the table, every single day.   

MBSC has helped over 600 medical practitioners retrieve every dollar they truly deserve. We can help you improve your collection ratio by 20% and make lost revenue a thing of the past.

It is not just about phone calls! It would be a very happy world if the ar collection process just involved making a few, sporadic calls. But it isn’t. A few reasons why you can bank on us to get paid for the claims you’d almost given up on.

  • Our debt collection agency is staffed by a Hipaa and FDCPA trained team

  • We analyze the reason, frequency and pattern of your denied claims.

  • Devise a practice specific strategy before initiating the ar process

  • Offer  a 24x7 ar calling process

  • Correct and refill rejected claims and escalate to your office if additional documentation is needed.

  • Send detailed financial reports and call reports

Driven by results!

MBSC have a separate team to work on rejected secondary claims. We include vital information such as the EOB of the primary insurer, the contact details of the primary insurer and a clear explanation of all the remark codes. We systematically work and ensure all your denied secondary claims are paid promptly.

What about collections that is due from patients? We send simple, patient friendly statements and reminders. And our polite albeit persistent efforts ensure you don’t lose dollars, as well as your patients!

Tech friendly…

Our ar collection services are emr/ ehr friendly and can enter information that reflects your ar status, in any emr, ehr or pms you use. You can also request for a recording of our conversations to check on our quality. 

To collect lost revenue call 1 888 571 9069