Medical Billing Team

Making choices is a tough job. A smart coder can minimize errors, but an energetic ar caller can ensure denied claims get paid. An expert charge entry team can maximize payment, but you certainly need experienced claim analysts to track metrics. But paying half your life’s savings, on hiring specialized teams for each process is definitely not an option.

Make a choice without making compromises. Choose MBSC.

For every billing assignment our company undertakes, we dedicate seven individual teams. This quickens our workflow and yours, and ensures getting paid is no longer an uphill climb.

our teams work flow

  • Level three or four? Our coders know. We have an aapc certified coding team with an average experience of 5 years. Every code entered is not just perfect but coded to the exact level. A thorough knowledge of clinical information systems and state specific regulations makes it the dream team to work with!
  • Current and compliant CDM! A missed or inaccurate charge can play havoc with your revenue cycle. Our charge entry experts ensure that debit charges, patient’s MRN account number, revenue account details, balance id and of course the charges entered for each code, are errorless. They also ensure the Charge description master is standardized and constantly revised.
  • What, lies beneath… Surface details don’t interest our experienced claim analysts. Getting to the bottom of the problem is the best way to fix up the cracks. Our claim analysis team analyzes claims using sophisticated analytical tools and softwares. We have a, hundred member team, who can systematically drive down your denial rate.
  • Put down that receiver! Making calls to insurers can be dreary and frustrating. Let our energetic ar calling team follow up on your claims. They place calls only after cross-checking with our payer rules database and metrics garnered by our claim analysts. Informed and persuasive calls are translated into payment checks for you!
  • Lost checks, regained… Writing off claims can be hazardous to the health of your practice. Our fdcpa and hipaa trained denial management experts follow an exhaustive process to handle denied claims. They resubmit denied claims promptly and never back down!
  •  Transition. Effortlessly. Emrs and ehrs are game changers. Nobody understands the game rules better than our emr experts. They offer, 24x7 support, and can help you make the transition, effortlessly. They are trained, experienced professionals and offer risk management assessment as well.
  • Number crunchers! Do you want an exact reflection of your payment information? Trust our accurate payment posting team to provide just that. Unburden your staff from payment posting tasks and let them focus on your administrative workflow. Access accurate payment information, promptly.