Care 360 EMR Billing Services

It is difficult to have a shared dream. To, make someone else realize that your practice and patients mean a lot to you. And how important every dollar you’ve worked for is. That is why hundreds of Care 360 users entrust their billing tasks to us. We care for your collections, your time and work closely with your ehr to deliver results.

To put it shortly, we share your dreams. And work constantly towards realizing them.

24/7 emr billing customer support services  Nope. This is not one of those annoying ad lines. We work 24/7 and everybody on our pay roll is  a certified professional. We generate, scrub, transmit and track your claims inside of 12 hours.

care360 EHR Billing Company

Meet every patient: Care 360 has a smart appointment scheduling feature. We use it to send email reminders to patients and use the features such as calendars, customized scheduling. With our smart appointment scheduling services your patients always get to meet you!

Get paid, for sure! You care for your patients. But that doesn’t mean you must work for free. We use the appointment scheduling feature to check whether your patients are covered or not.

What happens in the engine room? Most billers feel the billing process is over the minute your claims reach the insurer. Well, we believe that is where the process starts. The Care 360 EHR offers denial tracking features. We track your claims and get cracking on them, faster.

Making patient billing easier… Care 360 helps us to track patient’s co-pays and deductibles. The reporting features help us to verify the patient billing amount collected and the outstanding balances.

You are in the loop! We are not going to smoke you in to believing that your practice is doing great! We show and prove that you’ve increased your collections ratio by using the reporting tools of Care 360.

You have to attest for Meaningful Use. And yes take some time off for those pesky integrations and upgrades. With us by your side, there is very little to worry. We help you attest for MU by streamlining and optimizing your workflow. And, educating your patients on, how to use your, EHR!

We also provide free practice management integration services.

For more info call us @ 1 888 571 9069