Claim Management Analysts

What is the difference between an expert billing team and an average biller? Sometimes, the difference can be as stark as, from getting paid to receiving a rejection slip. If most of your denied claims are quickly forgotten and never followed up on, you need someone with an eye for perfection. Someone, who is obsessed with getting every claim paid. You need, in other words MBSC to do the job for you.

In the company of good people!

As insurers and compliance issues are making it harder and harder to get paid. How is it we manage to improvise your collection ratio? It is because we don’t just follow a process. We care about 6oo medical practices lean on us for getting their denied claims paid, because we are a good team to work with!

Our certified claim analyst team, run a thorough check on your pending ar. They critically study the claims and recognize the common denominator in the rejection of claims. Our claims analyst team, have also developed analytical tools and applications that track the pattern of denied claims.

This helps us to quickly and systematically eliminate your aging ar and build a customized support strategy for your practice. After the claims are studied, every single claim is checked against our Rules Engine, our extensive payer database. The delayed claims are then categorized according to the reason for denial and payer specifics.

Coordinating with the AR calling team…

Our claim analysts work closely with the ar calling team and allot work to callers according to their area of expertise. They work in tandem with our ar calling team, every step of the way. As the details and framework are already provided, our ar calling team can effectively fight it out with insurers to get you paid!

And all this means…

  • Your claims are in the safe hands of experts
  • You receive checks more frequently!
  • And reach home before your kids are asleep!

And the best news is that, we work like an expert but don’t charge you like one. For affordable, smart and futuristic billing services call 1 888 571 9069.