Medical Coding Services

Do you cross your fingers every time you send out a claim? Medical coding is complex, challenging, and no matter what novice coders say, demands experience. MBSC has been in the field for several years and understands what insurers look for. We are the trusted medical coding company, and stress buster of 600 medical practices.

The guys who work busily at three in the morning!

Our team comprises of certified coders who understand the varying coding regulations across different states and specialties. They have expertise in chart analysis and auditing. And also a thorough understanding of hipaa rules, clinical information systems, complex medical terminology and coding systems.

Nothing is left to chance

Our solutions are across the board. The reason why all our claims get paid without a fuss is because we assign insurer specific codes and modifiers. Whether it is technical codes, professional codes or diagnostic codes we assign coding information, to the highest level of specificity.

Working with clockwork precision!

Our workflow is systematic and quick. Our secure centralized server stores information of the codes your practice usually uses, highest paying CPT codes and specialty specific coding guidelines. Each coder is given a separate access and work schedule. Work is allocated based on the coders experience in working on similar assignments. Every coded claim goes through a three tier quality check and thoroughly proofed before reaching you.

Is this the sixth time in a week you are going home late?

Everybody hates staying back after office hours. But you of course need to stay back to enter coding information, right? Wrong! We can interface with any emr or ehr you use. And enter information so you are saved of the monotony of pasting details.

Ahead of schedule!

ICD 10 is round the corner

We’ve already developed several testing schedules and are ready to tackle take the bull by its horns. Want to work on an implementation plan and strategy? Need to test the waters? Lean on us for complete icd 10 support.

MBSC is hipaa compliant, secure and comfortable to work with. To make us a part of your team call 1 888 571 9069.