Denial Management Team

Hate explanations? Unfortunately, if you are working with a novice denial management team that is all, you are going to get. Calling up insurers every two hours, isn’t going to help you get paid. It needs a systematic process, experts in the field, and a never say never team to help you retrieve those lost dollars.

                    5 expert billing team

Across the board approach!

How is it we have a near-perfect collection record? It could be the intense coordination between all the teams, or the fact that we work 24x7. MBSC claim analysis team analyzes denied claims, prepare an extensive report and send it to our trend tracking and management team. Our trending team track claim denial dollar trending, denial volume rate trending, rejections by payers and category trending.

This helps us to fix up the cracks and working on solutions that work not just for now, but also in the long run.

Before we dial the number…

The groundwork is laid before our ar callers pick up the receiver! Our ar experts not only follow up on denied claims till you get paid. But also discuss with your insurer to whip up a sustainable solution to prevent the root cause of denied claims, misunderstanding. MBSC follow an insurer specific approach and understand what exactly will make your payers, pay those dollars.

Prevention is better than cure!

Our prevention team consists of experienced professionals, who study the trends and patterns of denied claims. And create a strategy to prevent denials altogether. It could be medical codes no longer recognized by an insurer, or lack of prior authorization. MBSC create a prevention strategy and apply it even before your patients meet you!

Growing with you…

Our business improvisation and financial planning team rectifies flaws in the revenue cycle, to create a practice that is in the pink of financial health! We believe in growing with you and set benchmarks that help you to attain your financial goals easily.

Overall support and coordination!

The core denial management team monitors the activities of all the teams. They provide education, support and direction to all the teams. They track the success rate of newly implemented strategies. And ensure all your denied claims are constantly worked on.

For top of the line denial management support call 1 888 571 9069.