Denial Of Claims

A recent study suggests that, almost one in three claims, are given the thumbs-down by insurers. It means you wake up every morning, rush to office, provide medical care and never leave office before sundown, only to not get paid. Work with someone who is efficient, relentless and understands exactly what will make your insurer sign those checks!

MSBC has over a decade of experience helping struggling medical practitioners, receive the dollars they’ve toiled for.

It is not a question of who makes the most phone calls!NY Based Denial Management Team

Persistent calls to insurers and reminders are important. But denial management experts demands much more expertise than that. Our denial management services have three expert, individual teams working for you; our claim analysis team, denial management team, and ar calling team.

Getting to the bottom of it!

We are like you. Our team doesn’t believe in short term benefits. We are with you for the long haul and work with you to weed out denied claims out of your practice. Through our data analysis tools we identify payers who regularly deny your claims and set up a meeting with them. We discuss and work out a sustainable solution.

Driven by the one thing that, matters, results…

Nothing else matters more than the checks we bring to your table. Our services bring about the results you were praying for. Reduced number of days in aging ar, less outstanding accounts receivables, more productivity!

How can you be sure? We send detailed financial reports that mirror the progress made on your denied claims. Or, your vastly improved collection ratio is proof enough!

To receive checks and not EOBs call 1 888 571 9069!