What Does ICD 10 Mean To Your Medical Practice?


You need the next generation medical coding services, to handle the next generation of alphanumeric codes. Forget expensive software, jargon spouting experts and a dozen tools you’ll hardly need or use. We help you keep it simple, inexpensive, and to move forward effortlessly. Our AAPC certified coding team have years of experience in medical coding and in working with Clinical Information Systems.

Our coders have started working in the testing environment and are proficient with ICD-10 CM and ICD 10 PCS. They can work without a hiccup with the alphanumeric composition of the codes, and the redefined code values and interpretation of codes.

If there is one question our clients who want to send test claims for ICD 10 ask is, have you upgraded your system to 5010? Yes, we have. We have made the switch to working with the revised 5010 version systems. Our updated systems can accommodate the longer codes and expand data fields.

Our expert coders and 24/7 workflow ensure you stay on top of ICD 10 changes and also capitalize on the advantages it offers!

Say goodbye to backseat drivers…

MBSC is a welcome change from the coders who promise a lot and deliver very little. We take the driver’s seat and can help you coordinate with payors and clearinghouses to test ICD 10 coded claims. We find out if they accept the codes and if not when it would be possible to start testing.

Working in conjunction with your payors, ensures there is no last minute panic, when you have to go live with the codes on 2014.

There is no need for you to…

  • Worry about field sizes and system upgrades
  • Make huge changes to your workflow processes
  • Hire additional staff
  • Spend money on training and implementation

Worried about the changes in clinical documentation to support the new codes? Want a primary contact number to call on, to know your practice’s progress, and where we are at the transition process? We have the uncanny ability to know what’s running in your mind! We provide icd 10 support and dedicate a separate coding manager who will be in charge of your practice’s transition.

Call 1 888 571 9069 and brush aside your worries!