Medical Billing Services

There are a lot of medical practitioners whodillydally between retaining their in-house billing team and outsourcing their billing requirements. The pros of working with a medical billing firm far outweighs the cons. And if you opt to work with MBSC you can see the difference from day one.

Here are a few questions that swim in the minds of practice managers and our answers to them.

MBSC not going to promise you the skies and everything in between. The three major differences we bring to your practice are


  • MBSC charge you according to the claims paid and a small percentage of your total collection. Unlike an in-house biller, you are not going to pay us for coming into your office but for work done and revenues collected.
  • What happens if some of your claims are rejected? We are not going to send you a report and leave it at that. We offer streamlined and efficient denial management services. Claims that are appealed swiftly have more chances of getting paid.
  • We appeal within 24 hours of a claim being rejected and offer additional documentation supporting the claim. There are no additional charges for claims appealed.

Don’t, because you don’t have to. Over 90% of claims filed by us get paid and we leave no stone unturned to help you get your checks on time! We can increase your overall net collections by almost 25% within a few months of working with us. Too good to be true?! We can provide you with a list of references as we firmly believe in letting our work do all the talking.

But I don’t get to meet you in office…

Yes we don’t share your air conditioning, take up parking space or gossip while checking personal mails. But we work 24x7, 5 days a week on your claims. We ensure that you are completely in the loop, throughout the billing process, and send detailed reports at the end of each month. A monthly or quarterly open audit is conducted so our clients can evaluate our services and keep tabs on our progress.

What happens when the deal is struck and how much do I have to pay?

You can renegotiate the terms of contract if there is a modification or change you need. We are always available to hear your views and make the experience of working together mutually beneficial and entirely pleasant. MBSC charges just seven percent of your total collections and you don’t have to read between the lines as we are transparent and easy to work with. We also offer physician credentialing services.

If you have more questions give us a call at 1 888 571 9069.