Medical Billing Services NY

Practicing in New York can be incredibly hectic. And needless to say expensive! How do you manage to break even when rents are sky high and insurers delay checks? Hundreds of medical practices and physicians have found a solution that works. A solution that is affordable, efficient and can increase the collection ratio of medical practices. It is the MBSC solution.

We are medical billing company based in New York and know the rules of the game like the back of our hands. Medical practitioners across different specialties, bank on us to bring the check to the table. And we never fail them!

Five quick facts about our EMR billing support…medical billing services new york

  • We understand the Medicaid guidelines for NY state
  • The light never goes off in our New York office! We work 24/7 and your claims are created, scrubbed and transmitted, super quick.
  • We don’t spring surprises at you. Our billers send detailed financial reports, dashboards, comparison charts and claims collection details, every single month.
  • Our pricing model is very simple. We don’t get paid till you get reimbursed.
  • EMR, EHR users find working with us a hassle free experience because we can work with all major EMRs, EHRs and practice management systems in the market.

We understand if you are nervous of working with someone you don’t get to meet every day. There are data privacy issues to worry about and you don’t want dozens of strangers working with your EHR. With MBSC you can be rest assured that your data is secure. We have a security manager to oversee the informational security of your data.

A separate account manager and a billing team, is assigned to handle the billing needs of your practice. Access to your EHR/EMR is completely monitored. We follow security encryption protocols and are completely HIPAA and HL7 compliant.

MBSC has a huge client base all across New York. To talk to our clients you will just have to request for a client referral. We will place the call for you, and pay for the call!

Call 1 888 571 9069 to reach our New York office