Revenue Cycle Management Services

Are you a physician stuck with so many things to do, you don’t remember the last time you took a coffee break? With MBSC by your side you will not just earn more, but rediscover the love of practicing medicine. We help you increase your collection ratio. Spend fewer hours in front of your computer. But more importantly we help you to shape the future of your practice!

revenue cycle management packages

Negotiation tasks, fixing up appointments, performing eligibility checks, document management, uploading charges… And yes before we forget taking care of patients. With our RCMS you can focus on patient care alone. We provide payment negotiation, appointment scheduling, insurance eligibility verification and payment posting services.  So you cut back on your office tasks and overhead costs.

Medical Billing ExpertsNo it isn’t. Our certified coding and billing team ensure you don’t let go of a single dollar you worked for. We handle every phase of your billing cycle with care, efficiency and expertise. We have separate teams to work on your claims. And increase your collection ratio by 40%.

MBSC perform medical coding, charge entry, claims scrubbing, claims transmission, charge posting, ar calling and denial management services for you. We work round the clock and sound fresh at 3 am. And no we are not ridiculously expensive, by any stretch!

Hated math’s at school? There is no need for you to like it now! Our payment management services, takes care of the tasks you dread. We perform payment batching, processing and balancing services. We perform credit balance equation, appeal underpayments and correct over payments.

Waiting to get paid is no fun. It is a long, tedious process and that’s why most physicians prefer writing off claims, altogether. You don’t have to be one of them! We offer an extensive denial management process. Perform claim analysis using analytical tools and applications to ensure accuracy. Follow a 24/7 ar calling process that has HIPAA and FDCPA trained team, making the calls for you! We get all your claims resolved within 60 working days!

MBSC know your patients are important to you. And browbeating patients to pay is only going to make you lose patients and money. We send out easily understandable patient statements within seven days of a patient’s visit. We mail collection letters inside of a month. Our toll free number is included in every patient statement and we have a 24x7 phone center to handle patient queries.

Do you have any, concrete plans for the future of your practice? We do! Our process development team analyses your metrics, identifies the cracks, study potential areas for improvement and explore new possibilities. With your financial report we also send a detailed analytical report of your practices performance and improvement strategies. There is nothing that can bring us more happiness than growing together, with you!